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-You saw the blueprints ?
-Better than that. I’ve got them on me !

Listen also Above and Beyond – “Trance around the world” and you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s the intro of every episode of these compilations.

Maybe I am having a little obsession with this trance music.
But there’s nobody on this planet who doesn’t have his own obsession, a true obsession.

“Suma viciilor ramane constanta “! imi zicea cineva nu cu mult timp in urma.
And it seems that all these words are right.

Actually i’m so captivated by this music that i’m loving to go somewhere, anywhere, just to have the occasion to listen to my portable player.

Trance music inspires me. It’s giving me another perspective of existing. Totally different from  what i’m experiencing day by day. It’s really amazing. It’s another own reality.

Maybe i will talk sometime of the reality of perception, the temporar realities and the 5-th dimenssion.
It’s a fact that every person, every human beeing on this planet has it’s own reality.
In fact, we all , are experiencing day by day new realities which gives us new sensations, new thoughts, new feelings and new reactions.



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living … in another dimension
living … in a paralel Universe
living … elsewhere
living … in A State Of Trance

feeling …nothing
waiting …nothing
saying …nothing
caring …nothing

somewhere,… elsewhere
sometimes, …elsetimes
somehow, …anyhow
somebody, …everybody

Just the empty space below…
Just the empty space around…
Just the emptiness inside…
Just the emptiness besides…

What I am now ?
Who I am now ?
What I’m doing ?
Where I’m going ?

I’m like an Event Horizont
I’m like the vid itself
I’m just a reflection of a mirror
I’m just nothing.


Oh My God

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God makes my path in life.
Why he is interested in me ? Why he is the designer ?
I hate that ! I want to be the only designer of my life !

I can’t escape this trace. Even I choose another path, finally i arrive at the same path charted by him.
I remember now from the Differential Equations Courses. Solution can’t escape. This becomes a singularity.
Everything is featured by God. We have only the impression that we are the masters of ours life. But it isn’t true. We are nothing.

I don’t understand why it is like that. When you believe in God you tend to leave the things in the way they are. I think if we let all the things like this how we are making new discoveries ?
I don’t understand.
I had enough of God. I want to find something different. I want to live life with a girl. And the path featured by him it is not like that. I hate God.
I can’t escape my path. I’m the prisoner of my life.

My time

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Time is your best friend ! He is passing, silent like a small cloud in the sky. You don’t even speak with him, you don’t even know him. Sometimes he quickly passes, sometimes he passes very hardly. But he is always your ally, your true friend, your soul doctor.
Time is always by your side ! He’ll never disappoint you.
And a small fragment of him is becoming a moment in your life.

I’m living my moment. I’m living my time.

My Songs

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a tout le monde – megadeth

nothing else matters – metallica

countdown to extinction – megadeth

another brick in the wall – pink floyd

addicted to chaos – megadeth

the nomad – iron maiden

between the hammer and the anvil – judas priest

the killing road – megadeth

fff (fight for freedom) – megadeth

live and let die – guns n’roses

sad but true – metallica


estranged – guns n’roses

where the eagles dare – iron maiden

the dark side of the moon –  pink floyd

a secret place – megadeth




a Probability ?

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black hole

… a new Universe ?
… a Black Hole ?
… another side of the Universe ?
… a possibility ?
… a probability ?
… a new reality ?
… a choice ?
… new life ?
… just a physical object ?
… a physical-mathematical model ?
… a philosophy for nothing ?
… a theory of nothing ?
… ME ?
… you ?
… somebody else ?

Often i think at a person as a complete another Universe ! Something different ! We are all uniques, we are all contrained to limits of our percepetions ! Our sensations ! Our feelings !
I give here a presumption ! What is the difference of me comparative to you ? What could possible be ? It’s simple !
First is the physical one ! The most unimportant ! But … what is the inside one ?
It’s our perception of things ! Every man of this planet has a different perception of things !
He has his own universe ! … different, sometimes very different from the others !
This is because his uniqueness ! It’s coming from a different thinking, differents emotions, different psychology ! He has another reality inside ! He has an entire Universe inside !
We are very different ! Every man is very different from the others ! Not the physical one ! (I repeat). But the Universe inside is very different ! He is like a Black Hole ! A solitary object in space ! He becames an event ! An Event Horizont ! if he don’t try to escape his universe and maintain the thin line, the thin brace with the big universe ! …the universe of the others ! the REALITY of the big Universe !
How we do that ? WE COMMUNICATE ! All time we must communicate ! It’s not important what we communicate ! WE MUST ! … all the time ! .. all the time we must try to not break the thin brace with the others ! Otherwise We became BLACK HOLES …
. .. an Event Horizont !

P.S. : It’s interesting ! Very interesting the next thing! Sometimes we can’t see the reality ! We can’t with all ours efforts ! This happens because the Reality it’s changing very very quick his properties ! This is because life is now, in our times  very very dynamical ! And sometimes our Universe inside, our reality becomes isolate because we can’t face every time with the new reality!With the new things that happens in the life day by day ! We risk to break the line with our Universe !
And we become crazy ! Every man has it’s own lunacy ! We can’t adapt at every changing of the big Reality ! It’s a fact ! We are becoming a little lunatics ! We are lunatics ! All ! But every man in his way !
This is true !


My Quest

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My quest !

To me, it seems obvious that the theory of restainted relativity does not explain the paradoxes which theorists physicists have discovered.
There are also a lots of undiscovered things in quantum mecanics and unexplained phenomenons how is the CPT Violation, and the origin of mass.
Now, they are trying to make evidence of Higgs Boson. Probably they will. But I don’t think that this particle will solve the problem.
A solution to that problem will be a theory wich unifies the theory of restainted relativity with quantum mecanics.
This is my quest !
This is my passion !
This is my life !