Create Recovery Disk

I think that Windows XP it is a good OS, although extended time use might damage your registries, quite a few malware could damage indispensable Windows dlls that get the Operating System almost impossible to use sometimes. In these situations it’s good to have a backup solution. And lucky there are a few great ways to do it, but I want to talk regarding Automated System Recovery Wizard (or ASR method) that comes together with Windows XP Professional itself. The pro is that you don’t require to set up some dedicated software package and it is very easy to accomplish.

All you need is: a blank floppy disk, the Windows XP Professional CD and enough free space in a drive where you want to save the backup file.
The utility is named backup and you can find it in Start – Programs – Accessories – Backup. More quickly to access it is to type in Start – Run : ntbackup, which is the name of the program. After you start it and the welcome screen shows you you select the Advanced Mode. In the Advanced Mode of the Backup Utility you have three options to choose: Backup Wizard, Restore Wizard and Automated System Recovery Wizard. The first option is if you want to make a more deep selection of the directories and partitions, for example if you have important documents to another location. The second is used to restore a previously made backup. The third is used to create a copy of the entire Windows Operating System which is usually located on C:\ partition. If by any circumstance your system is placed elsewhere(another drive) you can choose the first option and choose manually from the drives.

If you choose Automated System Recovery Wizard you are asked on the next screen only about the location of the backup file where it would be created. You are free to decide about the name and the destination of this file. Important is to have enough free space on that drive. Completing the Automated System Recovery Preparation Wizard is just the final stage. Clicking on Finish the program will start processing and then the backup operation will start. The backup is made in one file which is having *.bkf extension. The process can take about 10 minutes but could be also less. After the image of the operating system is completed you are prompted to insert the floppy disk. This is used if your system fails to boot and you must boot from the Windows XP installation CD. The diskette will help you start the rescue program and restore your backup image.
After all it’s done you can remove the diskette from its drive. You can also do scheduled automated backups with Schedule Jobs. You can Create a Recovery Disk also using Norton Ghost.


~ by trifbogdan on February 20, 2010.

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