Liberty of Knowledge

I like the complexity of life and the fact that you can do almost anything if you use your mind and your talents.



I like to understand things, I like to research and to discover. I have a great passion for sciences but my curiosity has no limit. I could be interested in philosophy, in psychology or in architecture. I don’t want to be limited to something. I don’t like the idea that we must do the same thing all our life.

With the magic growth of the internet last years we are now possessing a great tool to voice our opinions and to do a better world, finally.

Humanity must arrive to a new stage, where the individuals are not suffering from diseases, hunger,wars, harassments, ethnicity, religion, culture and so on. I believe that every person should have some basic living conditions. And be free in this world. From this stage he could use his talents and with work he should accomplish what he wants in life.

That’s why I believe that we must follow our passions and make our path in life. Recently I became an author of this article sites and sometimes I put my articles in there. Look here for my profile on Ezine Articles.


~ by trifbogdan on November 4, 2009.

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