Rohia Monastery

Rohia Monastery, situated in the “Country of Lapus “can be reached by following route 17, through the town of Fair Lapus Gorges Babel and where was the village a few kilometers Rohia. The monastery is in the middle of a forest of beech and oak, on top of a hill “Dealu’s Living”. The church was built between 1923-1925, consecrated in 1926 dedicated to the “Assumption”.

The monastery was built at the instigation of the priest’s daughter that time, who died at 10 years and who asked him in a dream this building and location to be located.

Since 1953 the school of monks and a library with an estimated 20,000 religious books, magazines, religious, theological, universal and Romanian theological literature and valuable scientific works.

In the courtyard of the monastery is a beautiful gateway into Maramures, and inside is an old-style carved oak crucifix Brancoveanu as otherwise the entry doors to the church and the iconsostasis again.

The construction of the monastery important are: oak house, abbey perched on a crag; monumental house with chapel, located on the hill pinteul stone on the facade which is mounted a superb icon of the Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus in his arms, carried out in Mosaic, House on the Hill, located under the hill, where you can see the entire summit of Breaza.

Although very young compared with other monasteries in our country, the name has entered popular folklore and religious as well as in literature. Landscape, monastery and the local people them as pilgrimages believers they inspired the poet John Alexander, who has a house here, “House Poet”.

The monastery also owns in its patrimony and a large number of ancient icons, paintings on glass and wood and which was built a museum.


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