Seduction Art

I had always had a real interest in the Seduction Art and Techniques. But now I discovered accross din internet very good sites like this one.

Every ruler and every politician needs talent and be able to seduce with its own personality the audience and gain votes. But let’s look closer a little at the book “About Seduction” wrote by Gabriel Liiceanu.

In “On Seduction, the philosopher Gabriel Liiceanu demote him in favor of Jesus

In his latest book, “On Seduction,” the philosopher Gabriel Liiceanu deplores lack of seducers cultural,following up the phenomenon from the Greece of Plato until the Germany of Heidegger and face the struggle between flesh and spirit.

Don Juan and Casanova not worth the “seductive,” said Gabriel Liiceanu in his latest book. True copies of this species can be attended in the “brothel culture. Once captivated by a Heidegger or a Cioran, a Caragiale or a Noica, we can define our own destiny. Those that have the courage to step on the red lanterns of the spirit remain some ignorant “deprived of the speech source,” and which “must be silent,” said Gabriel Liiceanu trenchant in “About seduction.

“Woe to those who have never got to be seduced”, author pit them those who had no chance of exceptional cultural training ( “Bildung”). Maybe it sounds “elitist”, acknowledges the philosopher, but that does not change things with nothing.

The new restore philosophical essay, with style and erudition, the cultural history of ambiguous relationships: seduction. From Plato’s Greece until Heidegger’s Germany, the main milestones of seduction include platonic love,  beau love , Don Juan sensuality, love-story academic site etc. All these episodes are read starting from the original meaning of “seduction” as “a hand drawing. That said Latin “seduco”, until they threw the word in Christian theology drawer temptation, believe Gabriel.

Benign form of seduction acts best when the relationship is to the benefit of the seduced. This is where the relationship between master and disciple. So full of homoeroticism relations between Athens and Socrates teens or adulterous connection between student Hannah Arendt and Heidegger became Professor exceptional cases, acceptable to the extent that are transfigured on a spiritual level.

Using illustrations especially classical literature, “On Seduction” is a story of struggle between body and spirit in front of European culture. The latter triumph over body in  Platonic love in Christianity, but also in the singings of the troubadours, where sex is forever unused, and the beloved is “madonized”, meaning “adored by the model of love for Holy Virgin, in her purity large perspective. Sometimes facing ends in favor of meat. The conquests of Don Juan, the spirit “seems to have completely silent, and the meat that occupies only pure sensual scene,” explains Gabriel. Practiced and power of fascination in a way pure instinct, Don Juan is just “continuing vibrancy of meat” and not a seductive “in the strong sense,” says author of “Journal of Paltinis.

If happy is the balance between flesh and spirit. Romeo and Juliet, like Martin Heidegger and Hannah Arendt, managed to reconcile sexuality with noble size, if not sacred, love. In 1950, 25 years after the first adventure, a meet again Heidegger on Hannah Arendt, meanwhile Emigrants in the USA. He had “the same respect that I flashed the chair when I uh, was, is and remains eternity,” wrote then German thinker in a letter addressed to his former students, most of which fell on his knees before the end of hours of consultations. Moral of this gesture path immediately apparent: no sensuality, culture were dry, it became cold, emphasizes Machado.

Seductive spirit most effectively acts here on earth, the sounds, images and words, the products of cultural industry. Spiritual seduction is the scenario where we return to seducer culture capitals. “” To be ignorant “means either to have no contact with the founding source or not let led those who came near the source, the trainings of your own way,” said Machado. If you do not learn from the “before-” cut, from your spiritual masters, you will never live on their own, but will remain an atom lost in the crowd in “bench herring,” says essayist at the end of the essay “On Seduction “deploring lessening models by the question” Where are our seducers? “.

With or without an answer, the question likely to revive an older quarrel of the intellectuals. Open gap between elite culture and saved uneducated people who have had the chance to be put on the big road of life is too obvious, not to revive the older accusations against the author, labeled as “lord of the mind”, guardian of elitist sect of paltinisians.

Two millenniums old hypocrisy

“European culture for centuries promoted among a huge hypocrisy: it was beautiful to defeat the spirit of trampling on his body, and Gabriel Liiceanu introduced last book,” On Seduction, launched Friday at Gaudeamus. There is but one way of reconciliation between flesh and spirit? Essayist answer is yes. “When you can not follow the Holy Fathers and sacrifice your flesh, you glorify the spirit, culture, keeping the meat ingredients, that is all that is exciting ground of our being,” Gabriel denouement reveal his last volume. “It’s a novel of seduction, which brings together two halves which naturally met in the interwar period: literate and philosopher. If you would not be met with Noica, Liiceanu would have become a novelist with memorable characters, would create a blanket of days Dinu Our “said literary critic Ioana Pirvulescu launch. “About Seduction” was part of a marketing measure, book publishing is preceded by a public conference, supported last year, and the audio book “Strategies of seduction”.


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