Oh My God

God makes my path in life.
Why he is interested in me ? Why he is the designer ?
I hate that ! I want to be the only designer of my life !

I can’t escape this trace. Even I choose another path, finally i arrive at the same path charted by him.
I remember now from the Differential Equations Courses. Solution can’t escape. This becomes a singularity.
Everything is featured by God. We have only the impression that we are the masters of ours life. But it isn’t true. We are nothing.

I don’t understand why it is like that. When you believe in God you tend to leave the things in the way they are. I think if we let all the things like this how we are making new discoveries ?
I don’t understand.
I had enough of God. I want to find something different. I want to live life with a girl. And the path featured by him it is not like that. I hate God.
I can’t escape my path. I’m the prisoner of my life.


~ by trifbogdan on April 23, 2009.

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