a Probability ?

black hole

… a new Universe ?
… a Black Hole ?
… another side of the Universe ?
… a possibility ?
… a probability ?
… a new reality ?
… a choice ?
… new life ?
… just a physical object ?
… a physical-mathematical model ?
… a philosophy for nothing ?
… a theory of nothing ?
… ME ?
… you ?
… somebody else ?

Often i think at a person as a complete another Universe ! Something different ! We are all uniques, we are all contrained to limits of our percepetions ! Our sensations ! Our feelings !
I give here a presumption ! What is the difference of me comparative to you ? What could possible be ? It’s simple !
First is the physical one ! The most unimportant ! But … what is the inside one ?
It’s our perception of things ! Every man of this planet has a different perception of things !
He has his own universe ! … different, sometimes very different from the others !
This is because his uniqueness ! It’s coming from a different thinking, differents emotions, different psychology ! He has another reality inside ! He has an entire Universe inside !
We are very different ! Every man is very different from the others ! Not the physical one ! (I repeat). But the Universe inside is very different ! He is like a Black Hole ! A solitary object in space ! He becames an event ! An Event Horizont ! if he don’t try to escape his universe and maintain the thin line, the thin brace with the big universe ! …the universe of the others ! the REALITY of the big Universe !
How we do that ? WE COMMUNICATE ! All time we must communicate ! It’s not important what we communicate ! WE MUST ! … all the time ! .. all the time we must try to not break the thin brace with the others ! Otherwise We became BLACK HOLES …
. .. an Event Horizont !

P.S. : It’s interesting ! Very interesting the next thing! Sometimes we can’t see the reality ! We can’t with all ours efforts ! This happens because the Reality it’s changing very very quick his properties ! This is because life is now, in our times  very very dynamical ! And sometimes our Universe inside, our reality becomes isolate because we can’t face every time with the new reality!With the new things that happens in the life day by day ! We risk to break the line with our Universe !
And we become crazy ! Every man has it’s own lunacy ! We can’t adapt at every changing of the big Reality ! It’s a fact ! We are becoming a little lunatics ! We are lunatics ! All ! But every man in his way !
This is true !



~ by trifbogdan on April 23, 2009.

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