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TAG LINE :      Heaven can wait ! I’m in hell now ! I stay here for the moment ! It’s warmer !

….      something i want to tell about Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell are two concepts made by the human mind. In hope that the weak minds will understand that hell is something wrong and heaven is something good. The purpose of our life is to go in heaven say the Bible ! All the peoples who make sin are condemnend to go in hell ! And hell is a very bad bad place say also the Bible ! So ! What is right , what is wrong ?  Who can judge who is going in hell and who is going to heaven ?
As I wrote in the early day the only , and only judgement who can elaborate this is an absolut power, something that we are calling God ! This God must be perfect, absolut and without no error ! Just perfect !
But what is perfect ? What is the real meaning of this word ? Perfect must be something with a complete state of evolution ! Just something perfect ! Absolut ! God ! So ! If it is perfect this means that is not evolving ! Because He already completed his evolution ! And what is the final of all states of evolution ?
First it was light ! Second was the Universe with all the galaxies ! Third, fourth, fifth it was the planets, with lands and waters, with seasons, with vegetations and animals. And sixth there were the humans !  Let’s not talk about the humans ! The actual stage of our Universe is LIFE ! This … is evolving now ! Life is always something that evolves !
Now, i’m returning to the ideea that God is perfect ! And he completed all stages of evolution ! And we concluded that life is evolving always ! But ! This means that God  it’s not something alive !  He is not made by life ! Because life is always evolving ! And He is not evolving ! He is perfect ! And life is not perfect ! So ! If he is not alive ? What is He ? Because He is the only who can judge who is going in hell or heaven ! This means also that he has a mind ! And only living creatures have a mind ! And if he is alive he has a consciusness and a life ! Contradiction ! CONTRADICTION !
God is a CONTRADICTION if we supose that he is something else different from us ! If He has e perfect consciusness and he is not alive this means that He is a Contradiction ! So ! What is God ?
What is the only solution of this judgement ? The only, and only solution to my problem ?
The only solution ! Is that,  WE… , THE HUMANS …, the sum of all our minds and thoughts is GOD ! The sum of all our parts ! The sum of the entire Human Kind is God ! All our actions ! All our destinies! We are heaven and hell in the same time ! We are making heaven and hell ! Here on Earth ! We are making all the things ! We are the only resposabiles of what is happening here on Earth ! Because WE ARE GOD ! There isn’t another God who can fix what we fail ! We, only we can do all  ! But we are always running from our resposabilities ! We have a perfect consciusness if we are staying together, if we are thinking together! Nobody is perfect ! Nobody has the perfect perception and perspective of things! But if we are staying together we can realise bether all we want ! ………. So We are God ! We are heaven and hell ! We are the salt of our planet and of our known universe.
If humanity fails, God fails too ! He becomes the Imperfection, The Great Sin, The Bigest Defeat ! But humanity will not fail ! We will learn to live with ourselves ! This is the purpose of our lives ! Not Heaven and Hell ! These are only words with nonsense !

If God would come to me and would ask me what do i like :
“Heaven or  Hell ? What do you want boy ?”
My reply would be :
” Certainly HELL ! It’s warmer ! There are fires ! And i’m not concerning about my gas invoice from the winter season! ”
This is what i would tell him !
So ! Where we are going ? To Heaven or to Hell ?

I wish you all to go in heaven ! Or go in hell ! Go wherever you want


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